Who We Are

Our Story

Founded in 2001, Cover Networks has been dedicated to research and development of the best solutions for Internet, telephony, and satellite distribution systems. Cover Networks provides a business class service in today’s active professional residential markets. Building localized distribution channels allow our engineers to develop the most reliable and highest quality Internet, voice, and video solutions. Our services address the needs of dissatisfied cable subscribers and transcend the limitations of a typical wired solutions.

Cover Networks takes pride in close customer relations and understands the importance of building business partnerships with other vendors, equipment manufacturers, and providers. Affiliations with these key power players give us the competitive advantage to provide affordable, custom solutions for our customers. Since its inception, Cover Networks has shown exceptional customer growth and will continue to exceed residential and commercial expectations.

Developers/Property Managers

New tenants can move into your apartment or condominium and find their services already active. Tenants will be able to connect their televisions and have service working instantly. They can simply turn on their computer, and be surfing in seconds! Revolutionize the way you look at your Internet and television services. Create a world where these amenities are affordable and easy to activate for the consumer, while taking advantage of the latest technology.

Cover Networks is striving to become an all-in-one solution for management and their properties. Cover has developed a package that will create a single point of contact source for your ISP, computer management, telephony, email, website hosting, and technical support for your properties. Cover specializes in high rise "A" properties and provides them with a value added service to ease the daily activities of keeping a property technically maintained. We understand that all businesses have different needs and we are able to customize packages for you based on services and price.

Our goal is to lower the costs for voice, Internet and television services for the entire property, including management and tenants. We look forward to the opportunity to develop a customized package for your facility. Cover has a variety of packages that will add great new amenities to your property.


Check here often for updates on Cover Networks' exciting array of services and solutions. Here you find the latest news on the ways Cover Networks is revolutionizing Internet and television services. Find out why we are the preferred vendor for all your ISP, computer management, telephony, email, website hosting, and technical in your residential properties.