Product Manuals

Below you will find documents that will help you setup and discover all the features of our services:

Television FAQ

1) Will I need any additional equipment?

If your property has Cover basic analog service, no equipment is needed and you may simply connect to any outlet in your home. Our standard digital television packages require a receiver that Cover provides at no cost. Advanced services such as HD programming or DVR’s may require additional equipment.

2) Are there any restrictions to the number of televisions?

Cover basic analog service has no restrictions. Cabling within your particular building may cause some limitations for digital services. We can customize solutions to accommodate different facilities.

3) What are the advantages to using Cover television services?

Since we process the signal locally, there is little to no attenuation in the picture quality. This allows us to provide top quality video with functionality, clarity, selection and lower rates.

3) What is HD?

HD (high-definition) refers to any video service that provides 720 lines of vertical resolution or greater. Standard digital or analog service associated with cable or a broadcast provider is 480 lines of vertical resolution. All CoverHD video is provided in 1080i, which is the highest resolution of any provider. Cable companies have to highly compress all video because they have limited spectrum. Cover Video does not have a limited spectrum, thus providing better service.

Internet FAQ

1) Will I need additional equipment?

Most computers and laptops already have the required wireless card needed to connect. If your computer does not, a basic wireless card can be purchased through Cover Networks or any local supplier. No equipment should be needed if we provide wired Internet access to your home.

2) How does a wireless connection speed compare to a wired connection?

Both our wireless and wired networks will provide the same amount to each customer.

3) How secure is my Cover connection?

Unlike public ISP’s, every Cover customer is protected locally behind our firewalls and routers. This creates a one-way valve preventing threats to your computer without limiting the customer’s functionality or ability to perform tasks.

4) How fast is Cover Internet?

While speeds vary between properties, Cover Internet has speeds up to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload, which is faster than cable and DSL providers.

Voice FAQ

1) Will I need additional equipment?

If Cover currently services your property, voice service can still be delivered to your unit even without a broadband connection. However, you will need a broadband Internet connection in order to use your voice services elsewhere. The persons whom you are calling do not need any additional equipment in order to receive your phone call.

2) Are there any restrictions to whom I can call?

No—You can call anywhere in the world while using Cover Voice- Local, mobile, long distance and even international numbers.

3) What are the advantages to using VoIP services?

Since Cover Voice uses digital communication, it offers numerous features that are not available with traditional phone lines. The most marketable feature allows its users to place and receive calls from anywhere there is a broadband Internet connection available, so long as the customer has “soft phone” software on their personal computer or laptop. In addition, voice service by Cover offers substantial savings from traditional phone services.

4) What are the advantages of using Cover over other VoIP services in the event of power outages?

With some providers, VoIP services are rendered useless during power outages or other disruptions to Internet connections. However, Cover services allow for traditional phone line back-up to provide a seamless connection in the event that Internet or power is disrupted.

5) Will I be charged a long distance calling fee?

US Domestic long distance is included with your Cover service at no additional cost. Additional fees are only charged separately for calls outside of the US.

6) Can I use my Internet and voice service at the same time?

Yes—Our voice service is not dependent upon any broadband Internet connection.

7) Does my computer have to be turned on to use VoIP?

No—Your computer does not have to be turned on if you are making phone calls from your regular phone. You will only need to use your laptop while on the road.

Billing & Equipment FAQ

Product Warranty

Cover Networks will fully cover all TV and Internet equipment purchased through Cover Networks, LLC at full price for up to one (1) year after the date of installation with no replacement charge. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of the equipment and does not cover damages or misuse incurred by users. The warranty does not cover the following: cosmetic damage, damages due to lightning or electrical surges, improper or neglected maintenance, or any alteration performed by anyone other than a certified Cover Networks employee. Failure of equipment not owned by Cover Networks resulting in damage to Cover Networks equipment will render this warranty void.

Post-Warranty Equipment Replacement Fees:

Receivers- $65
Wireless Router- $65
Wireless Router/Modem Combo Units- $65
DSL Modems are covered under the warranty above for the duration of your service with Cover Networks.

Equipment Purchase & Buy Back Guarantee

With Cover, customers are billed for equipment on the day of installation. The one-time payment allows us to provide quick and seamless installation without requiring a signed contract or credit check. There are no costly monthly equipment leasing fees associated with our equipment.

If receivers and remotes are returned to Cover Networks in good condition and within 1 year of installation, a buy-back check will be issued to the customer for half of the amount paid at the time of purchase.

Appointment cancellations and missed appointments

We value your time as much as we do ours. Please notify Cover Networks prior to your scheduled appointment time if you need to cancel or reschedule. Appointment cancellations made before your scheduled time window will be rescheduled at no charge.

If you are not available at the start of your scheduled time window, a $35 missed appointment service charge will be added to your account.

Service Charges

Technical support rendered to customers due to a Cover Networks service related issue or equipment failure will never be charged a service fee. Any service calls or support not directly related to Cover Networks issued equipment or Cover Networks services are billed at a flat rate of $35 for the first hour and at $85 per hour with a half-hour minimum thereafter. This service charge includes (but is not limited to) work performed on internal wiring, pre-existing conditions, user-error issues, misuse or incorrect usage of equipment (receivers, remotes, routers, etc.)

Customers will also receive a manual at the time of installation to assist in troubleshooting TV related issues.

Disconnection of Services

We do not require our customers to sign a contract. All customers are billed on the first day of each month for that month. If you plan to move or discontinue service, Cover Networks requires a 30 day notice of cancellation prior to the billing date in order to void or prorate charges for the upcoming month. Refunds or credits will not be issued without a 30 day notice.

A $35 reconnection fee is required in order to re-establish previously disconnected or suspended services.

Services suspended due to failure of payment will incur charges of the full retail price of unreturned equipment.

Removal or changes of any added service within a 30 day period will result in a $5 fee.

Monthly Billing

Cover Networks offers low, flat-rate billing for customers via our credit card auto-pay option. You may change or update the card on file at any time. Invoices notifying you of the upcoming charges will be sent via email invoice 2 weeks prior to the 1st of the month. You will be charged on the first business day of each month. Accounts that are outstanding on the 10th day of each month will be subject to late fees.

Accounts set up under any billing plan other than credit card auto-pay will require upfront payment for the current prorated month, equipment, and first full month of services.