High quality television is quickly becoming the standard for home viewing. Our digital satellite solutions allow MDU facilities to customize a channel package and provide premium picture and sound quality to each resident. Cover offers more channel packages and HD programming than any other provider all at lower prices.

As low as


  • Enjoy crystal clear digital programming and eliminate poor quality cable channels
  • Unlike other cable companies, Cover provides the best compressed HD Programming, so that quality is not sacrificed for transmission purposes
  • Customers benefit from the lowest price all-digital programming in America
  • Increase your premium and international channel base

Additional Options:

DVR Setup = $14.00


Cover Networks offers faster, more reliable service that is both affordable and secure. The Cover Internet package incorporates cutting-edge security measures all at an extremely competitive rate

Our wireless solutions offer complete flexibility for the residential surfers and business users alike. Users can connect seamlessly from their room, office, downstairs, or even poolside without hassle


  • Designed wired and wireless infrastructures for value-add
  • Lower costs for the consumers
  • Industry leading customer activation times
  • Industry leading bandwidth to residential customers
  • Higher security than public ISP’s
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • “Always-on”
  • Ease of use

C20 Residential Internet

C35 Residential Internet

C50 Residential Internet

C100 Residential Internet

C250 Residential Internet

C1000 Residential Internet


Cover Residential Voice service is a powerful and flexible alternative to standard phone lines. Because Cover owns and operates its own telephony infrastructure, the consumer receives a variety of benefits at a single low rate for local and nationwide calls. Your telephone service can be used the same way as a traditional landline phone.



  • Digital and analog services offered
  • Lower monthly rates than traditional landline providers
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling in the US
  • Great international long distance rates
  • All the popular calling features such as voice mail, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding and many others included at no additional cost

Budget Bundle

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Enjoy flat rate prices. Taxes and fees included.

Triple Play Bundle

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Enjoy flat rate prices. Taxes and fees included.