Cover Networks is striving to become an all-in-one design, build, and service provider for property management companies, developers, and their properties. Developers, property managers, and residents are all very familiar with the hassle of dealing with the big boys on a daily basis whether it is billing, support, installation problems, or high pricing. No other company has been able to bridge the common disconnect between sales, engineering, low voltage installation, and service provider. Our engineers have many years experience doing just this.

As a provider, Cover has developed a package that will create a single point of contact source for your ISP, television service provider, phone system and network management, email, website hosting, and technical support for your properties. Cover specializes in upscale high rise properties and provides them with a value added service to ease the daily activities of keeping a property technically maintained. We understand that all businesses have different needs and we are able to customize packages for you based on services and price.

Our goal is to engineer a modern infrastructure, install it correctly and efficiently, and lower monthly service costs for the entire property, including management and residents. This is why we feel that consulting, engineering, and provider should be under one roof working together to create modern, efficient, robust, versatile, and environmental friendly solutions.

We look forward to the opportunity of developing a custom package for your facility and creating a world where amenities are affordable and easy to activate while taking advantage of the latest technology.